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A Word From Traci

Do you ever think about what products are made of?  What about how those ingredients and materials are affecting you, your family, and your friends?  Well, I sure do!

Depending on their ingredients, candles can be burning off harmful chemicals into the air you breathe. The clothes on your body may be leaching toxins into your skin. A lot of cotton is grown and treated with pesticides.  How is that fabric affecting your health? Your kids’ health?

Most skin care products are even worse. You wouldn’t slather a baby with chemicals!

Furry family members deserve the same consideration.  Do you feed your pet treats made with chemicals and fillers?

Our products are meticulously curated to be organic, eco-friendly, and inspirational.  We believe in sourcing products that are environmentally conscious.  Feel good about what you choose for yourself or give as gifts to others.  When you shop with, you are helping to protect those you care about while positively impacting the environment.

Thank you for taking control of your health and well being . . . it’s your right!

Live modern. Live well.
— Traci Hickey

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