You got What . . . from Who? One of your besties is expecting a precious little nugget. The invitation just hit your mailbox. The shower is right around the corner (it’s been 6 months since the wedding for crying out loud). From the looks of it, this thing will make Diddy’s White Party look like a church picnic.

Two words:


(technically it’s three words with the contraction, whatever)

Here’s the dealio. Best friend and mom-to-be is stressed out to the super max. She has been complaining nonstop about swollen ankles, ginormous hemorrhoids, and her own physical similarities to farm animals. Mr. No Idea How His Life is About to Change, expecting father is thinking “Holy Chiz! How much is this going to cost? What about poker night? Will I have to change poo diapers? How soon can we start applying for scholarships?!”

If you are already lucky enough to be a parent, you remember those days of fear and angst: sleepless nights wondering what your child will look like and praying for their health; roaming the aisles of the bigbox baby stores when feelings of overwhelm tinged with panic wash over you as you try to figure out what you actually need and how to make all that brightly colored plastic actually coordinate with your home décor. As a mother of three, I remember all too well!

We have a way for you to be the most awesome friend ever. Let the others follow the conventional path buying those necessities from the baby registry. Don’t you dare go down THAT road! You are the rockstar friend. Others will give you the evil eye while she opens your gift. Meanwhile, your victory anthem will play silently in your head, “Turn Down For What?!” You used your precious time wisely to seek out something quite freaking awesome. Know your gift will be remembered – especially when she writes your thank you card first.

Modern WellGoods has curated a number of baby items you definitely won’t find in your corporate retail stores—and probably not even in your little boutique establishments. We source items fresh from the makers’ hands and brand new to the market. Whether you have your gifts sent to your friend or you take it yourself, rest assured that your present is the bomb!, and that YOU are giving well.

Christian Correa