Happiness for the Success of Others

Why is it so damn hard for some people to be happy for others?!

It must be that people who would rather see others fail are flippin’ miserable in their own lives.  Yes, it’s human nature to have some jealousy and envy of others’ successes.  We have all been there.  You would like a slice of that pie, too!


There is frustration in wanting what your friend has.  You are looking at that Facebook profile.  Your bad-ass MF friend (could nicely substitute Monkey Fart) is showing off that ‘thing’ you want sooo bad for yourself.  Instead of an encouraging ‘So happy for you!’ or ‘You’re awesome!’, you swipe your finger across the screen to the next post . . . most likely followed by a “Pshhh, whateves!” with a FU tone of voice.

There comes a time when you need to take a look in the mirror.  Question your thoughts when you find yourself thinking this way.  “Dude.  WTH?  Am I truly happy with MY life?”  The thought of negativity towards other success doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a terrible person (how dare you!).  But . . . it does mean you need to get some ‘caca’ straight in your own life to gain confidence and be happy.

The reality is that you secretly admire that person for their success.  Admit it!  You desire it, too.  Right now, ‘it’ is in somebody else’s grasp.  But you can get yours!  Don’t be self destructive by resorting to your insecurity within.  We all inhabit qualities of leadership and achievement.

What holds us back?   Laziness.  Procrastination.  FEAR OF FAILURE.  You’ve heard it before, “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.”
The world would be filled with a bunch of Warren Buffets, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerbergs.

Sacrifices.  Who knows what your friends have endured to get where they are now?  You have no clue of the struggle and sacrifices made.  How it has affected their personal life and family. Make no mistake – success is earned.  What are you willing to give up?  How hard are you willing to fight?

Flip the script for yourself!  CELEBRATE others’ triumphs.  Be inspired to be just as VICTORIOUS.  Focus on what you need to accomplish to feel prosperous.  Be sincerely happy for your friends and their success and victory.  To quote my awesome Grandma Dean, “Take the high road, Honey.  The view is better from up there.” (If I only had a dime for every time she said this!)

Be inspired and inspire those around you.  Celebrate others’ successes, as well as your own.  Acknowledge achievement and congratulate friends on their accomplishments.  It’s time to stop asking yourself, “Why can’t I have it?”  Instead ask yourself “How can I get it?”

Recognize those who inspire you and have your back while writing your own story of success.

We rise by lifting others.
— Robert Ingersoll
Christian CorreaComment