Mindfulness is being present with every experience. 

It’s paying attention to the present moment – without judgement.

Ok.  So you are driving the kids to their next extracurricular activity, listening to Sirius XM Kids Bop (oh Lawdy!) and chewing gum to keep you going.  Meanwhile, your kids are talking to you AND your cell phone rings . . . AHHHH!!!!!  Life can be super cray-cray.

Somehow you get to your destination, but getting there was a blur . . . no cognitive order of how you got from point A to B?!?!  (Queue Twilight Zone theme song music.)


ACHTUNG!!!  Time to be MINDFUL.

The benefits of being mind-ful are literally mind-blowing.  It relieves stress, treats heart disease, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep (we so need that to the tenth power!), and it can alleviate gastrointestinal issues – yay!  No more “holy” underwear.  And these are just a few of the physical aspects.

Mentally, it helps depression – so turn that frown upside down! It is also phenomenal for anxiety and eating disorders.  Professor emeritus Jon-Kabat-Zinn, founder and former director of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, helped bring mindfulness into mainstream medicine.  He explains that practicing mindfulness can improve physical and psychological symptoms as well as positive changes in attitudes and behaviors (such as OCD-personally, I think everyone has some of that shiz).  Thank you Jon-Kabat-Zinn for having our back!

What are ways to practice mindfulness…. and how?

Begin your “mindful” journey to regain vitality, health, and everything in-between. One way to practice mindfulness is by knitting….yep, you read it right!  The repetitive process of knitting makes it ideal for this purpose.  Let your hands work while your crazy mind slows down.  During this time, think of a word, a scripture, or mantra.  If that means repeating “I’m a superstar”, then do it.  Whatever quiets the mind.  Knit quietly and repeat your scripture, word, or mantra allowing the moment to take over your consciousness.

We’ve got some DIY projects lurking around our online shop—our popular DIY Wool Cowl Kit is just one way to practice your new sense of being. Not only can you focus on being mindful, but you will have made a smashing 100% Merino Wool eternity cowl during your meditation.  It comes with instructions that are simple to follow and there are online tutorials to get you started.  Knitting isn’t for just grandmas anymore, so go on with your bad self!

Whether knitting, painting, or just taking a reflective moment, begin with a strike to the Tibetan singing bowl.  These small handmade bowls resonate with a peaceful harmony that fills your space.  Let their frequency move through your body and mind.  They are also great for an impromptu B.O.C. jam session.  More Tibetan bowl!

These are just a few of the awesome products in our shop. Order one for a friend, yourself, or a loved one that seriously needs to chill and re-center.  

Peace out!

Christian Correa