Read this BEFORE taking Antidepressants


Research has concluded that there is a link between depression and inflammation.  Well, no sh*t! It’s about damn time. This is what I’ve known for a long time.  However, I was considered a crazy-ass woman for even suggesting this to my MANY psychiatrists and psychologists.  

Got a minute?  Let’s go back in time for a short and interesting story.
My younger years:  I grew up with an alcoholic father watching abuse to my mother and older siblings.  With time, I got my share.  My father had depression himself I’m assuming from his abusive upbringing.  Along with this, I grew up with a jillion species of animals. My father was a Herpetologist, and dabbled with other animals as well. Let’s just say, we had a lot of animals. My sisters and I helped out and handled these animals quite a bit… the words pathogens and trauma comes to mind.

As a child of the 80’s, there was the unleaded gas of which I loved the smell of…weirdo kid, I know.  Cigarette smoke was in offices, stores, EVERYWHERE.  Not to mention that my parents, and grandparents smoked as well.  It wasn't a big deal.  It was cool, sexy, and whatever else…umm…toxic?  In addition, I’m pretty sure we lived in one or two moldy homes.  How often does grass grow through carpet… in a dining room?  So as you can see, I had all kinds of toxicity in my life as well as all of YOU too.
Toxicity built up as I went into adulthood.  I always felt tired and in a “meh” mood.  After marriage, and having children, the shit hit the fan.  I had these hellacious burning sensations (mast cell-next blog) in my small intestines.  The pain was so terrible I couldn't eat.  I was sick and hiking up the mountain of depression.  Doctors would do tests only to say “It is all in your head”.  I had a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, and a camera study. This particular gastroentologist couldn't find anything and concluded this: “It is all in your head…I talked to your gynecologist friend ( again, a friend.. I thought), and she thinks it’s all in your head too.”  My gastroentologist continued saying “ you don’t believe me?  Look at my diploma from Notre Dame and all me plaques and certificates.”  Even more weirdly, he challenged my husband to a push-up contest.  Yes! think it and say it!  My words exactly! Within my “Christian” community, I was labeled, judged, and shamed.

Other “doctor friends” told me the same thing. Basically telling me to see a shrink, and I did.  My first Psychiatrist told me to be more “mindful”.  My second Psychiatrist said that I was “soft” bipolar with depression. She put me on medications and told me to buy this book online that is about being “soft” bipolar.  Hell, my husband read it and decided he was “soft” bipolar as well as the extended families and the whole world at that. Know this, during this time, I was still having extreme burning in my gut, having horrible diarrhea, and having inflammation all over my body, including my mouth.  Ok, my third Psychiatrist pushed me over the edge.  She said, “You need Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation”.  That is a mild form of shock therapy that would take care of everything!  I was still having all of my symptoms plus a few more.  I went into the Psychiatrist’s office with a genetic test I did a few weeks before showing I did not methylate.  In laymen’s terms, my body didn't detox well.  I was dismissed so fast and put on heavy duty bipolar and depression meds.  Soon followed was trauma from the $15,000 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.  

I was a zombie. Screwed to the MF 10th power. I had 3 year old twin daughters and a 9 year old son. I had to hire help every day of the work week to watch my children.  I drove an hour to San Antonio on Valium. Every morning when I got there, I would have diarrhea due to my messed up gut, and then proceed to have TMS.  It was highly invasive to me.  It was painful.  The positioning had to be just right, or you would jump out of your seat.  It did nothing but traumatize my system..It was a daily cry-fest as I sat in the seat to receive treatment all while listening to classical music.

What am I getting to with this story? According to recent profound research, Depression is related to inflammation.  Yes, that’s right…and my physicians from the past need to pull their heads out of their anus.  

A recent study on individuals with major depressive disorders showed that ALL of these individuals also carried high levels of C-Reactive Protein.  Dr. Peter Talbo of the University of Manchester carried out this study.  C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a blood plasma protein produced by the liver. Levels of this rise in response to inflammation. A similar study was published in 2016 in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.  Same results - CRP is increased with those having inflammation.

Did you know that prolonged psychological stress causes the body to lose its ability to regulate inflammation???  Psychological and physical trauma cause inflammation thus causing depression.  Inflammation can be caused by environmental toxicity - High metal load in the body such as aluminum (cigarette smoke, pots and pans, chemtrails), mercury (amalgams), lead (still used by commercial airplanes), various vaccines, arsenic ( pesticides, etc.), and moldy homes/buildings.  Pathogens such as parasites, Lyme, and confections can cause inflammation. Stress from toxic relationships, emotional trauma, and psychological stress can cause inflammation. Last, the food and water you consume can do a whopping number on your body causing inflammation and transcend to depression. Pesticides and GMO food will eventually crush you.  Fluoride in your hometown water is an endocrine disrupter. It also can disrupt bones, the thyroid, and more.  ALL of this increases inflammation which directly causes depression.

So what happened to me after TMS?  Not a damn thing.  Why? My depression was related to TOXINS:  Lyme Disease, psychological and physical trauma, not sleeping, viral loads, candida, parasites, a mold infested home, and breast implants. Yes, breast implants are not safe.  They are a chemical soup formed into a shell that tends to ‘bleed’ a little daily.  I had the gummy bear implants that was melting within.  That, my friends, is some toxic shiz. It’s also a foreign object.  Our bodies don’t like that.

If you are experiencing depression or even a little ‘soft’ bipolar issues or tendencies, do your research!  Please do so before seeing a doctor for this.  Know your shit!  You know you better than anyone period.  If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, then see someone who understands the relation between this and inflammation.  Suicidal thoughts were an everyday occurrence from my deep depression.  Question your lifestyle. Get rid of the toxicity in your life- take out the trash. Meditate and pray. Eat organic. Toss the fluoride toothpaste, Stop smoking. Love yourself enough to get blood work and take care of yourself like you would your precious baby.

Blessings to you all.