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Genetics and Immunity

Throughout life we have developed immunity. Our immune systems have been tested on many occasions ONLY to develop much stronger, right? Well . . .sometimes. Or maybe you’re saying “BS”. At least that’s what I’ve said, and I’m still saying! Know what I’m saying?!?

We have all grown up in a toxic world and now live in the most detrimental toxic environment. Here are some scenarios that are probably occurring as I type:
Someone is waiting in a line at a fast food restaurant. Not only are they inhaling the fumes from the car ahead of them, but also the second hand cigarette smoke from the overweight driver who looks like she’s on fire. All the while they happily wait for their double-upgraded-supersized-sacks-of-poo they refer to as “dinner”.

Two words - The MICROWAVE. Radiation is no bueno, my friends. People are still using the microwave to cook the processed box dinner purchased in the “healthy selections” freezer aisle of the local grocery store. While its cooking “or accumulating radiation”, they talk on a cell phone standing right in front of it . . . watching through the glass door . . . to make sure it doesn't overcook. C’MON!

The toxic scenarios can go on and on.

Back in the 80’s, just about every adult still smoked cigarettes. Name this brand my fellow 80’s kids: “You’ve come a long way baby!” I can remember riding in our tomato red van with my parents both smoking. The window was only down far enough to slide a piece of paper outside. Heaven forbid we let any fresh air in! We looked like extras in a drive-by scene for a Cheech and Chong movie. “Am I driving okay? I think we’re parked, man!”

And what about the fast food of our youth? We ALL loved McDonalds . . . don’t deny the truth. It was awesome because of the play area (and the Hamburgler needed a beat down). We ate massive amounts of chicken nuggets, greasy fish filets, sodium rich french fries, and drank gallons of soda. My favorite: Coke! And it was awesome for our parents because they didn’t have to cook. Plus, the commercials told us, we deserved it!
What better way to nourish a young, growing body than with a tray full of hormone-laden animal parts and saturated fats? Pure genius.

Graduation from high school happens and then it’s college. Let’s just say alcohol and late night fast food are more than likely involved as well as tons of “second hand” smoke. Maturing finally takes place - thank the Lord! Then there is love and soon marriage. Then children are born and the parenting begins.

During ALL of this, there are times of sickness and hurt, antibiotics, surgeries, pain medications, etc. And in today’s incredibly stressful world, it seems like every other person is on some sort of an antidepressant. As humans, we feel like we have to show others that we have it together. We feel the need for perfectionism and to keep the “I’m wonderful and happy!” smile on our fake a-double-s face.

What is my freaking point?? Just living life can create a toxicity load in the body. You don't have to have taken a bath in lead based paint or lived directly underneath a power line transmission matrix. No, genetics also play a huge role with how toxic a person can become.

We were all born with certain genetic single nucleotide polymorphisms (aka SNPs). Think of these as markers or predispositions of the body to behave certain ways under certain conditions. You can have markers or SNPs that never manifest themselves. However, these SNPs can switch ‘On’ due to cumulative environmental toxicity, an overload of bodily pathogens, mental stress, and much more. So, let’s say you find out you are predisposed to be a poor methylator. This is a genetic SNP my Scandinavian whitey-white, ancestral peeps kindly passed down through generations. Without methylation, the body cannot efficiently rid itself of toxins which results in toxicity.

Starting at birth, the body begins to accumulate toxins, filling your “bucket” so to speak. With compromised methylation, a cesspool of nastiness begins developing along with what you are putting in your body that’s toxic. From here, the bodily systems don’t work properly. This leads to a number of negative symptoms and illnesses. These include but are not limited to: Lyme Disease, Cancer, Candida Overgrowth, Parasitic Infestations, various auto-immune diseases including Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, endocrine disruption…and the list can fill up pages if all of the diseases were named!

A change in lifestyle is imperative to help the body. If your feel unwell, don’t ignore the symptoms and mask them with pharmaceutical drugs that can actually cause more damage. Most likely you need to detox your body in a variety of different ways. Search for a well-educated functional medicine doctor. A doctor that actually thinks outside of the box. Find a doctor that wants to continue to learn and puts effort into doing so. Don’t settle. Get to the root cause of your illness before covering up your symptoms with layers of prescriptions.

Our genetic makeup is a very important factor that determines what could go wrong along the road of life. However, a solid genetic test show results that are ‘epigenetic’. In other words, the sorry genes that happened to be switched ‘On’ at the moment can actually be switched back ‘Off’. Our bodies are designed to heal and it can heal itself, as long as the toxic load and/or pathogens are encouraged out of the body.

We can all have a fantastic immunity. It requires awareness, discipline, education, and a desire for LIFE. Since we were babies, we have accumulated decades of toxins in our body. Sick or not, don’t you think it’s time to clean house? DETOX your body and feel awesome again!

Keeping it real,