Heavy Metal(s)

Don’t Rock the ARSENIC Toxicity

When it comes to heavy metal, I dig it . . . the music that is.  I love Metallica baby! 

When it comes to heavy metal in my body, that is no bueno. 

Let’s talk about some heavy metals that rock terribly in almost EVERYONE’S body.  Toxic heavy metals are everywhere.  We can’t escape them.  Some folks are more exposed than others.  If you smoke or have been around second hand smoke, you’ve breathed in aluminum.  Go ahead, punch yourself or that person smoking around you!  If you had dental teeth fillings in the 80’s and 90’s, it’s pretty much a given that toxic mercury was used.  Your dentist wasn’t so cool after all!  Think about how often you eat out.  How much arsenic you have consumed? Is their lead in your drinking water?  Even the smallest amount can cause toxicity.  Dare I even mention that toxic metals pass through utero.  Don’t blame your mama - she didn't know!

We have massive exposure to heavy metals can be from the food we eat.  Sadly, our country does not have our health in its best interest.  The U.S. farming uses massive amounts of pesticides, and arsenic is used in the manufacturing of pesticides.  Unfortunately, arsenic can be found in commercial beer, wine (oh damn!), rice, and some veggies - mainly leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables. 

Rice is very high in arsenic . . . even organic!  Here is why:   Arsenic is naturally found in the soil whether pesticides are used or not. As the rice plants grow, the plant and grain absorb arsenic more than other food crops. Therefore, even your organic rice is not any good. 

Arsenic also gravitates to sulphur.  Your delicious, detoxifying sulphur veggies can be toxic.  Sulphur vegetables include brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, and kale.  Try to buy these vegetables at a Co-op or from a farmer’s market.  Stay away from Whole Foods, and other big chain supermarkets when purchasing your cruciferous veggies since they come from big, commercial farms.

Arsenic is regulated in municipal water…but still, Arsenic is Arsenic!!!  Well water should definitely be checked.  Arsenic can enter water supply either from natural deposits in the earth and or from Industrial and Agricultural pollution.  Arsenic is removed from the air by rain, and or snow and slowly enters ground water.  It can also enter into private wells if arsenic containing fertilizers has been used in areas around your well. 

Long term exposure to this toxic metal can cause an array of cancers and physiological effects.  Chronic exposure can cause skin lesions as well as hyperpigmentation. Arsenic can cause lung, skin, and bladder cancers.  It can also cause long term neurological effects.

What in the freaking heck do you do?  Install a water filtration system in your home that takes out all the bad crap.  Either a reverse-osmosis home system or a Rhino whole house filtration system will clean your water.  If the expense is too much at the moment, invest in a Berkey water filter system and drink clean water.  If you must have rice, choose basmati rice from Pakistan, India, or California.  Remember to shop for your cruciferous sulphur veggies at a Co-Op or a reputable farmer’s market.

Want to check if you are toxic with heavy metals?  There are a few tests out there.  However the most reliable is the hair analysis test.  It can tell you if metal is being stored in fat, tissues, cells, and organs.  It will also tell you how much. 

Ignorance is bliss…and stupid!  Keep yourself in good health. “Check yourself before you wreck yourself!”